Bringing back the TrollBox with AWS Amplify

Thinking back to a time years ago in the infancy of the late decade, there was a wonderful little place brewing with a horde happy amateurs, building a community of mutual dedication to similar goals and milestones.

Although this sounds a bit romantic, these members on their exterior were nothing of the sort. Factions with hive-mind mentality quickly formed in our community, but day by day, alliances shifted rapidly. Characteristic of a budding association, support for ideas and causes were gained and lost with mind-boggling momentum.

Regardless of what group one may have been an advocate to in a particular moment, the members of the TrollBox had an even stronger underlying allegiance to one another as a whole. There were times of prosperity and briefer periods of despair. But always did they feel the buzzing of other members, eager to listen and ready for action.

I remember my times in the TrollBox fondly. Accomplishing what it initially set out to do, it was discovered that bringing the TrollBox to full fruition would be the death of the memories built at the TrollBox. An institution came sweeping in to disassemble the work done and bring the site to the standards of the old industry.

We scrambled to find an alternative, but the damage was done. The TrollBox was no more.

What it meant to me was found only after the dissolution of our little club. I have searched far and wide for inklings of the principles of our community to no avail.

In the present day, I found myself casually browsing Twitter to see AWSAmplify’s post about the Hackathon. It was only a few months since I have felt that I truly grasped the know-hows of taking an application from nothing to production. Lately I have been thinking about the community I was a part of in the past and decided to take a step forward to build a better version of what we had.

I am excited to be participating in the #AmplifyHashnode hackathon and working in the wonderfully crafted Amplify Framework to #BringBackTheTrollBox!

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